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Agaricus Blazei mushroom powder

Agaricus Blazei mushroom powder
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FOB Price: Negotiable 
Product Type: Agaricus Blazei mushroom powder 
Minimum Order Quantity:  
Supply Ability:
Place Of Origin: China
Delivery Time: 7 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2012-08-17
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Product Details
English Name :Agaricus blazei Powder
Latin Name:Agaricus blazei mushroom

Also name HIMENMATSUTAKE, ROYAL SUN AGARICUS, ABM mushroom, origin plant in Brazi, Peru. With the advantage of tender pileus, fragile stipe, wonderful taste, high dietary function. Fresh fruit water contain 85%-87%, dietary part in each 100gram contain albumen 40-45gram, solubility saccharide 38-45gram, fibrin 6-8gram, fat 3-4gram, ash 5-7gram, protein composing including 18 series of amino acid, the eight necessary amino acid of human body are contain in it, also contain several kinds of Vitamin and Ergosterol.
Our Agaricus blazei Powder use high quality fruit, and through jet-mill to crash, in the condition of 5-10℃ lower than the room temperature to maintain the full effect of product and activity of effect component, Agaricus blazei Powder Beta β glucan with the advantages of anti cancer, advance people spirit, restrain cancer cell growth, absorb and mute carcinogenm,drop blood sugar, amend diabetes, drop cholesterin, amend arterioschlerotic, it can be used into sauce, facility noodle flavoring, chafing dish soup, puffed food, meat product, season pack, drink and so on.
we can also offer related product :Agaricus Blazei polysaccharide 、Agaricus Blazei Beta 1,3/1,6 glucan、Agaricus Blazei Liquidum extract 、Agaricus Blazei spray drying powder、Agaricus Blazei capsule 、Dry Agaricus Blazei mushroom etc。

Quality Parameter:
Light yellow powder,100% purity mushroom,Characteristic
Particle   size
120 mesh 200 mesh 300 mesh
Physical & Chemical Control
Loss on Drying <8%    Ash <5%
Heavy Metal <20ppm   As<1ppm  Pb<2ppm
Total Plate Count <1000 Cfu/g   Yeast & Mould <25 Cfu/g
Salmonella、E.Coli 、Staphylococcus   Negative
15kg/ Carton(40*38*22cm),Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside。And we can packing according to your request.        Shelf life:24 month
In cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
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