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FOB Price: Negotiable 
Product Type: Anabolic Steroids  
Port: Guangzhou 
Minimum Order Quantity:  
Supply Ability:
Place Of Origin: China
Delivery Time: 1 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2016-12-21
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Product Details

China Biggest Anabolic Hormone Raw Steroids Manufacturer

1.Quick Details:

Product Name


Chemical Name

Testosterones blend

Active Ingredients

Test Prop,Test Pp,Test Iso,Test Dec






White powder

2.Product Description:

Sustanon, in it's most common form - sustanon 250 - is a unique blend of one long ester, one short ester and two medium length esters. Sustanon acts as a time released steroid which is high in both anabolic and androgenic value. The fastest acting ester of the blend - testosterones propionate - becomes active in the first day

Testosterones Blend is a new type of hormonal premix  drugs, it is different pharmacological effects of the time a mixture. Offsetting the drugs work by time, make the drugs can faster and more lasting effect.

This highly potent drug is used to treat low testosterones and enhance body strength, muscle mass, and performance in quick time. Testosterones is the most common anabolic hormone that there is and is also considered the most basic. Due to this, bodybuilders often consider it the base steroid to most all cycles. 
Testosterones is both anabolic and androgenic in nature. Sustanon is considered as one of the safest and most effective drugs for developing and maintaining functions of reproductive tissues, including testes, prostate, epididymis and seminal vesicles.

In addition to all these benefits, Sustanon 250 is also admired for its unique ability of improving the count of red blood cells (RBCs) in the body that further promotes improved exercise endurance and oxygen carrying capacity within the body. 

3.Product Usage:

Sustanon is also relatively mild on the estrogenic side effects such as gynocomastia and water-retention. Doses of 250 mgs to 1000 mgs per week are recommended to keep a balanced testosterones level, although Sustanon will stay active in the body for up to a whole month.

At a usage level of 250 mg/week, Sustanon provides basically only a high level of testosterones replacement therapy. Individuals with low testosterones may see a marked improvement, but many with mid-normal or high natural testosterones will see little added effect at this dosage level. Yet, Sustanon is suppressive of the hypothalamus and pituitary at this dosage and will largely shut down natural testosterones production while being used. So, this dosage has relatively little of the benefits of most steroid cycles, but shares the adverse side effect of suppressed testosterones production.

4.Product Function:

The benefits of Sustanon-250 are the same as any testosterones be it a single ester or test blend such  as Omnadren or Testoviron.All test users of all forms can greatly increase lean muscle tissue as well as increase strength and vitality.

Further, as test is a key component in maintaining muscle mass in a calorie restricted diet it is the perfect hormone when we are trying to lean out.

More, because test blocks and reduces muscle wasting hormones that buildup in the body, overall, regardless of the purpose of use we inevitably create a more pleasing physique when test levels increase.






 White or Almost White Crystalline Powder


 Practically insoluble in water, freely soluble in acetone


 and in alcohol, soluble in fatty oils.




 Assay(on dry bsis)



 Specific Rotation



 Loss On Drying



 Related Substances

 Any impurity: 0.5%max



 Total: 1.0%max



 Disregard limit: 0.05%max


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Testosterones Blend (Sustanon 250)  

7.Company Introduction:
(1) High Quality:Kafen Biotech is a steroids manufacturer with its own lab and factory.The purity of our product is tested by our quality department before it is shipped to our clients. Mostly steroids are 99% purity and approved by SGS,CTI and ITS.
(2) Favorable Price: Our price meets international market performance and we give the best doiscounted price for our new customers and promotioned price for our regular customers.
(3) Safe Fast Delivery: After receiving your payment,we will have professional package team to arrange your parcel within 12 hours.We can guarantee every goods can be successfully deliveried
(4) Available Shipment Way: EMS,HongKong Post,DHL,TNT,UPS,FedEx,Registered Mail,Air Express,Sea Vessel etc
(5) After Sale Service: We can offer you good service after you place an order.At the same time,we can offer you some homebrew recipe to make injection.More service is more available to you.

8.Contact Details:

100% Real New Arrival Anabolic Steroids Powder Sustanon250 Body Building Testosterones Blend

100% Real New Arrival Anabolic Steroids Powder Sustanon250 Body Building Testosterones Blend
100% Real New Arrival Anabolic Steroids Powder Sustanon250 Body Building Testosterones Blend

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