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container desiccant

container desiccant
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FOB Price: 4.90 USD/piece  
Product Type: Packaging materials 
Port: Guangzhou, China 
Minimum Order Quantity: 14 piece 
Supply Ability: 896000 piece
Place Of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Delivery Time: 1 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2017-04-17
Views: 91
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Product Details

Place of Origin:  Guangzhou, China        Model No: TOPDRY DESICCANT H1000

Detailed Product Description Introduction: 
Desiccant is a dehumidification which absorbs moisture in the air .

During the ocean transport or storage, the big temperature changes between day and night on the sea make the high-temperature air in the day full of water saturate because of the falling temperature at night. As a result, the goods usually experience the marine high-temperature climate and comparatively big changes of temperature between day and night which often vary from 0 centigrade to 8 centigrade, with the humidity being able to reach 98%. This phenomenon is called condensation. The amount of water in the air is 30.4g/m3, when the temperature is 30 centigrade. When the temperature drops from 30 centigrade to 10 centigrade, the amount of water vapor will dro to 15.4g/m3. While the other steam will condemn to water. This is the usually-called rain in the container, which has a bad influence on the packing. Therefore, a certain amount of desiccants should be used to solve this problem.

Container desiccant allows water vapor to enter the interior of the bag easily, where it is transformed into a thick gel and will not leak, escape or spill.

    1. Check if there is damage with the containers, for example, if there is hole or crack at the sides, top and bottom of containers.
    2. If possible, do not use containers with the humidity exceeding 20%. Otherwise, it will increase the risks of getting wet. If the nature of containers can not be changed, then it is necessary to increase the quantity of desiccants based in the amount of water contained in containers to ensure the safety of goods.
    3. Seal all the ventilating holes.
    4.Take out the desiccants from the sealed plastic bags.
    5. Desiccants can only work in a sealed environment. If the door of containers does not close well or there is any damage with the containers or any ventilating hole is not sealed, then the desiccants will never completely absorb the water from the outside air.

Packing details:
14pcs/carton             Product size: 88*16*2cm           Carton size: 44*29*25cm
Absorption rate: ≥130% (absorb up to 200% of its own weight for 60-90 days when its fully maximize.)

Units needed:
1*20GP: 6-8pcs               1*40GP: 10-12pcs                1*40HQ: 14pcs

   Usually two pieces of desiccants should be added accordingly with the 1% increase in humidity for the humidity in containers exceeding 20%. ONE pieces of desiccants should be added to the container with the gunny or cotton-made mats. For the humidity of furniture itself exceeding 18%, an increase of 1% in humidity should add ONE pieces of desiccants.
    If its products which are made of materials such as rattan, palm, kelp and so on, then ONE more pieces of desiccants should be increased.
    If the pallet should be used in the containers and its humidity exceeds 18%, then ONE more pieces of desiccants should be added for each increase of 1%.

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