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Magnolia Bark Extract (Magnolol & Hinokiol)

Magnolia Bark Extract (Magnolol & Hinokiol)
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Last Update: 2017-05-18
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Product Details
 Latin Name                     Magnolia officinalis Rehd. et Wils.

Family                         Magnoliaceae

Part of the Plant Used            Bark


Product Introduction

Magnolia bark is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been used since 100 A.D. as a treatment of "stagnation of qi" (low energy) such as digestive disturbances caused by emotional distress and emotional turmoil. Magnolia, which grows in mountains and valleys, is bitter and warm, non-toxic, mainly treating stroke, cold damage, headache, cold and heat, fright qi, blood impediment, and dead muscle. Magnolia bark is rich in two biphenol compounds, magnolol and honokiol, which are thought to contribute to the primary anti-stress and cortisol-lowering effects of the plant, is used as a typically agent on general benefits in controlling stress and anxiety. Newer claims are emerging, however, to link magnolia's anti-stress benefits with control of the body's primary stress hormone, cortisol, and the myriad health benefits associated with normal cortisol levels (versus elevated cortisol, which has been associated with obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, memory problems and suppressed immune function).
------ Nourish and protect liver

------ Anti-stress & anti-anxiety
------ Anti-cancer
------ Strong antioxidants
------ Inhibits bacteria and pathogenic fungi

The present products of Sunfull’s are produced by supercritical fluid CO2 extraction technique. Thus, it contains no residue of organic solvent and very low content of heavy metals in products.

Molecular formula: Magnolol (C18H18O2),

Honokiol ( C18H18O2)

Molecular weight: Magnolol (266.33), Honokiol (266.33)

CAS No.: Magnolol (528-43-8),  Honokiol (35354-74-6)


Product Specification

50% ~ 95% Total Honokiol & Magnolol

98% Honokiol

98% Magnolol

Different specs available

Physiological Functions



3.Nourish and protect liver


5.Sedative (Tranquilizer)




9.Anti-inflammatory and analgesic


1.  Pharmaceutical stuff

2.      Health food

3.      Food additives

4.      Cosmetics

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