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Food Additive CAS No:149-32-6 Erythritol with top quality-manufactory price

Food Additive CAS No:149-32-6 Erythritol with top quality-manufactory price
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FOB Price: 0.20 USD/ Kilogram  
Product Type: food grade 
Port: Qingdao China 
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Kilogram 
Supply Ability: 5000000 Kilogram
Place Of Origin: Shandong
Delivery Time: 3 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2017-09-11
Views: 37
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Product Details


Item Specification
Apearance White Crystal Powder
Particle size 20-80mesh
Taste Sweet
Melting point 119-123℃
Purity 99.5%-100.5%(on Dry Basis)
Moisture ≤0.2%
Reducing sugars ≤0.3%
Ash ≤0.1%
Heavy metals (Pb) ≤0.5mg/kg
Arsenic ≤0.3mg/kg
Total plate count ≤300cfu/g
Coliform ≤30MPN/100g
Yeast and Moulds ≤100cfu/g
Salmonella Negative

1,Erythritol  can be widely used in baked products, all kinds of pastries, dairy products, chocolate, candy, table sugar, chewing gum, soft drinks, ice cream and other foods, not only better to keep the food color, flavor, but also can effectively prevent food spoilage.

2,Erythritol glycol is very suitable for diabetics because it is not easy to be degraded by enzymes, so it is not involved in glycemic metabolism and glucose changes. It can also be used as a substitute for low-calorie health food, which is very suitable for patients with obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular 3,Erythritol is not fermented in the colon after consumption, so it has obvious value added effect on bifidobacterium, which can avoid gastrointestinal distress and enhance human immunity.

4,Erythritol, decay resistance function of sugar alcohol is very obvious, is the main reason of the caries occur due to corrosion of streptococcus mutans of oral teeth enamel, because of erythritol, sugar alcohol cannot be used by the pathogen, and thus made of candy and special cleaning teeth to protect children's oral health has a very positive role.


1) Sugar-free gum, soft drink, ice-cream

2) All kinds of candies, dessert

3) Baking and roasting foods

4) Diet foods

5) Low-caloric foods

6) Food items for diabetics 

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