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Nystatin CAS 1400-61-9

Nystatin CAS 1400-61-9
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FOB Price: Negotiable 
Port: shenzhen 
Minimum Order Quantity: 0.01 kg 
Supply Ability: 3000 kg
Place Of Origin: China
Delivery Time: 3 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2018-04-16
Views: 16
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Product Details
Traits: yellow or brown-yellow powder; similar to grain odor, moisture-priming. Soluble in dimethylformamide, slightly soluble in methanol, very slightly soluble in water, insoluble in acetone, chloroform or ether.
Stability: unstable to light, air, acid and alkali, very unstable aqueous solution, the effect can be lost 50% when stored at 37 degrees Celsius for 1 week.
Pharmacological effects: This product is a polyene antifungal drug, a broad-spectrum anti-fungal effect, is a membrane permeability enhancer, the most sensitive to Candida. Aspergillus, hair trichophyton, stably cocci, epidermophyton and microsporum are sensitive to this product. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) is usually 1.56-6.25 μg/ml. This product also has antibacterial activity against coccidioides and histoplasmosis. It also has an inhibitory effect on trichomoniasis. The mechanism of action is the combination of specific sterols on the fungal cell membrane, resulting in destruction of the plasma membrane and permeability changes so that important cell contents leak out and die, killing the fungus.
Usage: Mainly used for internal treatment of gastrointestinal fungal infections or external surface fungal infections. For example, fungal gastritis, chicken and turkey cyst fungal diseases, etc., are also effective for mastitis caused by Aspergillus, Mucor, and lactiferous perfusion. Inhalation of the pneumonia caused by Aspergillus fumigatus is also effective. This product is also used for long-term use of broad-spectrum antibiotics caused by fungal double infection.
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