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Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 750ml Marasca Dark Glass Bottle

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 750ml Marasca Dark Glass Bottle
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FOB Price: Negotiable 
Product Type: Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Port: Sfax,Tunisia // Rades,Tunisia 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000  
Supply Ability:
Place Of Origin: Tunisia
Delivery Time: 4 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2018-04-26
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Product Details
 First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil , 750mL Marasca Bottle : 


1.jpgOlive Oil Taste :

Olive Oil Taste

Why to buy OLIVE OIL from MEDILIFE ?

12 Reasons to Buy Olive Oil by MEDILIFE :

1. Hand Harvested Olives not to shock the Olive Tree with machine shaking harvest. This results in Premium Olive Oil 

2. Fresh Olive Oil: Olive Fields, Nearby our Press. We harvest and press on the same day to keep the Olives Fresh, therefore the Olive Oil Fresh.

3. Stable Acidity for a long period of Time, for a High Quality Olive Oil for up to 2 years. 

4. Low Acidity (From 0.2% to 0.5% at the moment of Export).  

5. We provide both : Monovarietal or Blend Olive Oil. 

451683473.jpg6. Custom "Tailored" Taste for our Olive Oil. We use different varieties and harvest at various times, to provide our clients with a Robust, Medium, or Mild taste (Bitterness, Pungency, Fruitiness...etc.)

Certified.jpg7. We provide a FREE of Charge Chemical Certificate of our Olive Oil for every order.

This is the Best garrantee we offer to our Client for every Order .


packing copie.jpg8. Flexible Packing Solutions (Glass, PET, metal), including Private Label services (Under certain volume conditions) . 
9. FREE Samples. Deliverable in 3-5 business days via DHL .
Freight Cost is on Client. Refundable upon 1st Bulk Order . 

10. Fast Shipment for Bulk Orders in 20' or 40'. 

11. We welcome our Valuable clients to come and visit our Olive fields and press. 

We help our valuable clients for VISA application, and may contribute to their Travel Fees.


12. Competitiveness : Our Goal is to provide the Best Quality at a Competitive PRICE.

Health Benefits of our Olive Oil :


Chemical Analysis of our Olive Oil :

A: Below is a Chemical Analysis of a sample from our Olive Oil. Analysis has been made by a third party Laboratory assermented by Tunisian Governent, Agriculture ministry, National Olive Oil office. As a courtesey, we always provide our clients with such an analysis for the exact volume of olive oil they put into the order, This for every order they place with MEDILIFE.

 MEDILIFE_Analysis_EVOO-2.jpgWe provide these certificate to our valuable client as a courtesy for every order
> Tunisia Is the World’s Second Largest Olive Oil Producer.
MEDILIFE Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harvested and pressed traditionally : 

1. MEDILIFE Olive Oil Country of Origin : Tunisia

>> Olive Oil is being cultivated on a large scale since nearly 3000 years. Around 200 BC, The famous Tunisian Army General “Hannibal” ordered his troops to massively plant Olive Trees in Tunisia. These fields are still planted with Olives until today, more than 2200 after and we’re pressing olive oil out of its Olive trees.
>> Mediterranean climate in Tunisia is perfect for cultivating the best quality of Olive Oil.
>> Olive Oil is part of the Tunisian Culture. Every home has its own stock of Olive Oil.
>> Tunisia is the 2nd Producer of Premium Olive Oil in the world (300 000 Tons inn 2015)


2. How MEDILIFE Olive Oil is Harvested and Extracted :

>> Traditionally Hand Harvested (Friendly for the Olives and for the Olive Tree), as opposed to Mechanical Harvest which hurts trees with an aggressive harvesting method, as it’s the case  in Spain,  Italy, Greece…etc.
>> Olives are moved from the field immediately to the Press : The Best Olive oil is obtained by pressing the olives that have been harvested the same day. This way the olives are not oxidized and the output in Olive oil is just the best you can have.  Our Press is in the middle of Olive Fields.
>> Our Olive Oil is 1st Cold Pressed. The olives stay inside stalls, waiting their turn, like small, black mountains. When their time comes, the fruits enter the mill and are crushed by the stone to a paste that will be pressed into oil. The oil-water mixture exiting the press is separated by gravity. We do not use Heat (which increases quantity but decreases quality of the Olive Oil). We cold press our Olives for the Best Possible Olive Oil. This results in low acidity and low PV of our Olive Oil. 

Different varieties of MEDILIFE Olive Oil :

 >> Organic Extra Virgin  Olive Oil

 >> Extra virgin Olive Oil

 >> Virgin Olive Oil

 >> Flavored Olive Oil

   */ Flavored Olive Oil with Lemon 

   */ Flavored Olive Oil with Pepper

   */ Flavored Olive Oil with Garlic

   */ Flavored Olive Oil with Herbs 

   */ Flavored Olive Oil with Basil

   */ Flavored Olive Oil with Orange 


Category of Olive Oil Extra Virgin
Organic status  NO
Bottle Volume 750mL
Packing Marasca Dark Glass Bottle 750mL
Product Origin 100% Tunisian Olive Oil
1 x Carton Contains 12 Bottles of 750mL

"OEM Brand" MOQ 2 x 20' container
"Medilife Brand" MOQ 1 x 20' container
ISO 9001
ISO 22000
Quality Parameters
Free acidity% m/m expressed in oleic acid ≤0.5
Peroxide value in milleq. Peroxide oxygen per kg/oil ≤ 15
Absorbency in ultra-violet at 270 nm ≤ 0.22
Absorbency in ultra-violet at 232 nm ≤2.20
-Δ K - ≤ 0.01
Moisture and volatile matter(% m/m) ≤ 0.2
Insoluble impurities in light petroleum % m/m ≤ 0.1
Oil Composition
Myristic Acid < 0.05
Palmitic Acid 10.5 - 20.0
Palmitoleic Acid 0.3 -3.5
Heptadecanoic Acid < 0.3
Heptadecenoic Acid < 0.3
Stearic Acid 0.5 -5.0
Oleic Acid 55.0 - 70.0
Linoleic Acid 10.5 - 21.0
Linolenic Acid < 1.0
Arachidic Acid < 0.6
Gadoleic Acid (Eicosenoic) < 0.4
Behenic Acid < 0.2
Lignoceric Acid < 0.2
Trans Fatty Acid content (% Trans Fatty Acids)
C18:1T ≤ 0.05%
C18:2T+ C18:3T ≤0.05%
 EVOO Marasca Bottle 750 mL  -1-.jpg
EVOO 750 MARASCA-1.jpg

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