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Very Good Price Polydextrose Powder II

Very Good Price Polydextrose Powder II
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FOB Price: 1300.00 USD/Metric Ton  
Product Type: polydextrose II  
Port: Qingdao 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Metric Ton 
Supply Ability: 20000 Metric Ton
Place Of Origin: China
Delivery Time: 3 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2018-10-10
Views: 31
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Product Details

1.Solubility in water
Polydextrose is easily dissolved in water, the solubility is 80% at 25℃. The dissolution is faster under heating

Polydextrose is very stable, it can be steadily stored above 90 days under the condition of exposure at 25℃, 45℃,60℃. At 200℃,the stability is still very good and it doesn’t react with acid and alkali.

The viscosity of polydextrose solution is higher than sucrose at same concentration.With the temperature rising,polydextrose solution viscosity will lower. The viscosity of polydextrose will increase as the concentration increase at 25℃.

4.Moisture retention
When ambient temperature is relatively high, solid polydextrose will absorb water sufficiently.
Polydextrose can be used as humectant. Taking baking foods as example,polydextrose can retard the evaporation of water in baking foods to keep flavor and extend shelf life.

5.Low calorie
It is difficult to be decomposed by organism as polydextrose is the product of polymerization randomly with many types of glycosidic bonds,complicated molecular structure.The calorie value is 1kcal/g

6.Non-dependent on insulin
Polydextrose improves peripheral insulin sensitivity to lower the request for insulin,inhibit insulin secretion,impede the absorption of sugar to realize lower blood sugar.Polydextrose can effectively prevent diabetes

7.None dental caries
Polydextrose can’t be fermented by microorganism in mouth, so it’s not harmful to our teeth.

8.Prevent fat accumulation and obesity

9.Lower blood sugar and cholestorel

10.Prevention and treatment of constipation


- Frozen dairy desserts and mixes

- Baked goods and baking mixes

- Sweet sauces

- Chewing gum

- Jellies

- Salad dressings

- Gelatines, puddings and fillings

- Peanut Spreads

- Confections and frostings

- Fruit spreads

- Hard candy

- Soft candy

- Low-calorie, low-sugar, low-fat foods

- Beverages with dietary fibre

- An ideal ingredient for diabetic diet

- Health care product for weight loss  and constipation

- Flour

- Dairy products

- Seasoning for hot pot and instant noodles,

- Jam, vinegar, soy sauce

- Meat products


- Low calorie (1 calorie per gram)

- Bulking agent, often added to compensate for the bulk lost by substituting sweeteners for sugars. Contributes solids to maintain palatability and textural qualities without sweetness

- Maillard reaction i.e. undergoes browning and flavour development

- Humectant, absorbs water and provides tenderness and softness in foods 

- Texturiser

- Partial fat replacer

- Tooth friendly

- Suitable for diabetics

- Water-soluble, easily mixed in food systems.

- Bodying agent, improves mouth feel and viscosity qualities.

- Polydextrose is considered 90% soluble fibre and has a low glycemic index of four to seven

Nutritional Function: 

- Dietary fibre

- Low-calorie (1 Kcal/g) substitute for sugar or fats in various foods.

- Low-Carb

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