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Sweet And Vinegar Salted Ginger

Sweet And Vinegar Salted Ginger
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Last Update: 2016-06-27
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Below is the method of making sweet and vinegar salted ginger.We are in the season of young ginger. Tender,Website:http://www.wfkyginger.com, mildly spicy and gorgeous to look at, the creamy hands are making their way to Asian markets. I saw super beautiful ones in Oakland Chinatown last week but refrained from buying because I was bound for the banh mi photo shoot. I said to myself, "The next time you see young ginger, buy it to pickle." Yesterday I surprisingly found the ginger at my local hippie-dippy market. It was organically grown, from Hawaii. The cashier had no idea what it was.In Asian vernacular, there’s young and old ginger. The young stuff has paper bits of translucent skin whereas the mature ginger is covered by tan, dry skin. Most of the year, we’re all cooking with old ginger, whose bite punches up many foods and warms our bodies. Young ginger can be eaten raw – I’ve had Thai fermented sausage with raw ginger, which complements the sausage flavor and functions as an antibacterial.But there’s only so much young ginger I can eat. My main method of using it is by pickling it Japanese style for what most of us recognize as sushi ginger (gari in Japanese). I enjoy it with sushi (obvious) but also mixed into sushi rice and stuffed into fried tofu pockets. It's a terrific side to grilled oily fish such as salmon or mackerel. There are fabulous recipes in cookbooks by Elizabeth Andoh and Hiroko Shimbo but this time around I used Karen Solomon’s recipe from Asian Pickles: Japan. It’s currently sold as a $2.99 ebook and is part of her upcoming book called – you guessed it, Asian Pickles – which will be released in its entirety in Spring 2014. Publishing a book in parts is an interesting way to offer readers the option to buy the chapter that they’re interested in.I got the enhanced iBooks version that came with audio pronunciations of the recipe titles and ingredients, which is helpful if you’re not versed in Japanese food terms. Otherwise, the regular ebook of Asian Pickles: Japan sold online will be fine.
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