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Denucleation Juice Extractor

Denucleation Juice Extractor
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FOB Price: 450000.00 USD/set  
Product Type: juice extracting machine 
Port: Henan 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set 
Supply Ability:
Place Of Origin: 中国
Delivery Time: 3 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2017-01-18
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Product Details
 Denucleation Juice Extractor Introduction

Fruit denucleation juicer machine

Fruit denucleation juice making machine also named mango juicer machine, is composed of the beating machine for denucleation and spiral fruit juicer to separate juice from the residue. This juicer machine is suitable for drupe class (mango, peach and apricot), berries class (carambola, strawberry), and fruits class (apple, pear) and other fruits & vegetables. Completing pitting, pulping and slag discharging in one machine, our fruit juicer machine is the ideal equipment for making jam, fruits and vegetable juice.

Advantages of Fruit Denucleation Juicer Machine

1. Able to complete seeds removing, pulping and slag discharging in one machine.
2. Made of superior quality stainless steel, approval of the national hygienic standards, safe and healthy and long service life.
3. Having reasonable structure and reliable working performance. Small area occupation.
4. Can automatically and continuously complete the pitting and juicing process, high efficiency and low labor cost.
5. Not only work in a production line and also can work independently.
6. Wide application: suitable for drupe class (mango, peach and apricot), berries class (carambola, strawberry,), and fruits class (apple, pear) and other fruits & vegetables.

bayberry juice
baberry juice

peach juice
peach juice

Mango Juice
Mango Juice

plum juice
plum juice

apricot juice
apricot juice

Structure of Fruit Juice Extractor Machine

structure of fruit juicing machine

Working Process of Denucleation Juice Extractor
The working process of the juicing extractor generally consists of two steps: the first step-denucleating and the second step-juicing.
1. Denucleating: fruits go into the machine through the feed inlet, and then are spirally transported by rotary blades to pulping scraper. Under the function of pulping scrapers, fruits are smashed. Owing to the centrifugal force, the juice and flesh of fruits are through the sieve into the next process, seeds and other residue are discharged from the hopper to to achieve the purpose of automatically separating. 
2. Jucing: the fruit flesh, juice and skin go into the screw extractor by the hopper, and are spirally pushed. Meanwhile the volume of helical cavity reduces, contributing to squeezing materials into juice. Then, fruit juice through the filter screen flows into the bucket at the bottom and residual materials are ejected. 

Common Malfunction Reasons and Solutions

Malfunction Reason  Solution 
Machine parts: 
out of operation
1. Something wrong with electrical wiring or 
electrical wiring damaged
2. Electrical motor damaged  
3.Overloaded too big or bearing damaged
1. Check the electrical wiring or change it. 
2. Maintain electrical motor or change it
3. Slower the feeding speed or change the bearing;
The capacity not 
up to standard 
1. Shortage of raw materials
2. Slow feeding  
1. Adding raw materials
2. Adjust feeding speed
Denucleation is not good Screen mesh is much smaller or bigger    Change the screen
Inexhaustive pitting effect The gap between scraper blade and 
the screen is much bigger
Adjust the gap between scraper blade and the screen

Technical Data of Fruit Juicing Machine

Model  Capacity(T/H) Power(KW) Dimension(mm)
AMS-QZJ-0.1 0.1~0.5 3.3 1150×900×1300
AMS-QZJ-1.5 1~1.5 7.5 1250×1000×1350
AMS-QZJ-3.0 2.5~3 15 2200×1650×1540
AMS-QZJ-5 5 23.5 2800×1750×1700
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