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rise-and-fall liquid filling scale

rise-and-fall liquid filling scale
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FOB Price: 6154.00 USD/  
Product Type: filling machine 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1  
Supply Ability: 20
Place Of Origin: WUXI, CHINA
Delivery Time: 60 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2018-03-15
Views: 54
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Product Details
Equipment name: LCS rise-and-fall liquid-filling scale
Equipment model: LCS-□A
Suitable material:
Suitable for all kinds of liquid material packaging, such as: edible oil, chemical oil, paint, water, alcohol or other liquid material.
Product introduction:
LCS Lifting liquid filling scale, is with high automation degree, which can avoid the material overflow, protect the pollution to the environment by the material in the maximum degree, thus to protect the operator effectively. The system works reliably, can be operated easily, weighs accurately, and the weight data cam be output to the computer or other external devices by the controller.
Applicable range:
Food processing, oil, chemical and other industries, will require the smooth surface of the product structure, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, even the anti-explosion, and etc. There’s anti-corrosion liquid filling scale, food liquid filling scale and anti-explosion liquid filling scale.

Main feature:
Liquid filling system, can be used in all kinds of containers, iron barrel or plastic barrel, fill quantitatively and accurately between 1kg and 100kg, and the system can be used in all kinds of bad environment.
Working process introduction:
the working process of the LCS lifting filling scale is as below: start the controller of the filling scale to work, the operator moves the filling barrel to the platform of the filling scale, focus it on the barrel-mouth, press down the start-button, the gun of the filling scale drops into the barrel mouth automatically. The controller sends out filling signal when the gun of the filling scale drops to the right position, the valve door of the filling door opens, the material flows into the filling barrel in high-speed. When the filling quantity arrives at the fast-forward quantity, the controller of the filling scale sends out the signal of slow material-input signal, closes the fast material-input valve door, and open the slow material-input valve door. At this time, the material flows into the filling barrel in small flow. When the filling quantity of the filling scale reaches the quantitative value, the controller of the filling scale sends out the stop signal, all the gun valve door of the filling scale close, the filling gun lifts up to the top of the filling scale. The controller confirms that the filling weight is in inside the accuracy range, it exits from this filling process, and prepare the next filling cycle. The operator moves away the filled barrel through the rolling way, and this filling cycle is finished.
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