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Lawn Mat

Lawn Mat
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Delivery Time: 3 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2019-02-01
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Product Details
Description:Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene lawn mat can be used as a temporary road to avoid damage to lawns or roads,Website:http://www.wendingplastic.com, effectively improve the work efficiency and reduce the impact of on-site construction. In the sand, mud, swamp, snow can be padded under the wheels, play a role in increasing friction, can replac iron plate, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene subgrade has the following advantages:(1) light weight, can be lifted at will;(2) it will not corrode or rusting and is convenient for cleaning;(3) it can bear the weight of 60 tons;(4) easy to recycle and environmentally friendly;(5) low price;(6) less damage to tires and other contact parts.(7) shock-absorbing and moisture-proof easy paving. Application: -As Construction Mats Our HDPE ground protection mats are commonly used in the construction industry for ground protection and to help ease transportation through less than ideal ground conditions.-As Temporary Road Mats Temporary access roads are sometimes necessary to transport items and equipment more safely in rough conditions.-Utility maintenance-Emergency access-Event flooring and paths--Caravan parksPedestrian walkways-Platforms for equipment-Agricultural roads-Civil engineering works-Construction sites-Golf courses-Utilities and landscaping-Tree care-Cemeteries-Oil drilling industryAdvantages and Benefits:-Create an easily traveled roadway over virtually any type of terrain including mud, sand, uneven, or soft terrain.-Protects grass during landscaping projects.-Superior alternative to wood and fiberglass as it will not warp, rot, crack, or delaminate.-Saves time and labor for getting vehicles and equipment through difficult terrain.-A great heavy equipment mat for protection equipment and vehicles from excessive wear from operating on unstable surfaces.-Easily installed and removed without help from equipment.-link together with metal connectors.-Easily cleaned.-Withstands vehicle weights up to 80 tons.-Guaranteed for 7 years.Specification1220×2440mm(4’×8’)910×2400mm(3’ ×8’)610×2400mm(2’ ×8’)910×1830mm(3’ ×6’)610×1830mm(2’ ×6’)610×1200mm(2’ ×4’) Performance of productsPhysical PropertiesASTMUnitValueDensityD1505g/cm³0.96Melt IndexD1238g/10min0.5Brittleness TemperatureD746℃<-40Shore D HardnessD224065                     FAQ:1, what is the link method?A unique way to link two or four boards in 30 seconds.2. Is the product convenient for transportation and cleaning?This product is extremely easy to clean and transport, and the handles on both sides of the board are designed for easy handling or lifting.3. What are the product sizes?The regular size is 12202440mm/9102440mm/6101220mm, other sizes can be customized according to your needs.
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