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Ultrasonic Water Meter

Ultrasonic Water Meter
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Last Update: 2019-03-12
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Product Details
What's Ultrasonic Water MeterUltrasonic water meter is a new type of water meter,Website:http://www.china-watermeters.com, which is used to measure the time difference caused by the velocity change of ultrasonic wave and their transmission and reception through piped walls. When it propagates upstream in water, and the velocity of water is obtained by analyzing and processing the velocity of water, and the flow rate of water is further totalized to calculate the flow rate of water. It has excellent small flow detection ability, can solve many problems of traditional water meters, is more suitable for water step charging, more suitable for saving and rational utilization of water resources, and has broad market and application prospects. What are the advantages of ultrasonic water meter vs ordinary water meter?1. Anti-blocking contrast: If there are impurities such as hemp and silk inside the ordinary mechanical water meter, the impeller will be stuck. The ultrasonic water meter is utilized a straight pipe section, which is basically equivalent to a water pipe, and does not cause internal blockage.2. Wear contrast: Ordinary mechanical non-magnetic water meter with hard alloy shaft and red stone bearings can wear 2-3 years. There is no moving parts inside the ultrasonic water meter measurement section, so there is no wear.3. Measurement accuracy comparison: ordinary mechanical water meter over time, internal parts will be slowly perishing, the longer the time, the worse the measurement accuracy. Ultrasonic water meters ensure accurate metering accuracy throughout the life cycle and do not change over time.4. Applicable water quality comparison: Ordinary mechanical water meter can adapt to iron filings, rust and other impurities, but it can not have soft impurities such as hemp. Ultrasonic water meters are completely immune to interference from impurities, chemicals and magnetic substances. It can be said that they are fully adapted to the current water quality.5. Eco –friendly in terms that they don't give rise to any noise pollution.6. Can easily adapt to different meteorologic enviroment withou affecting it's function which make it amenable to diverse applications.Installation Size
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