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Industrial White Oil 32# for TPR Wire & Cable

Industrial White Oil 32# for TPR Wire & Cable
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FOB Price: 1400.00 USD/ton  
Product Type: ISO-ALKANES 
Port: Jingzhou Port 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 ton 
Supply Ability: 50000 ton
Place Of Origin:
Delivery Time: 3 days
Expiry Date: 2023-09-30 [expired]
Last Update: 2023-09-22
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Product Details

Industrial white oils, including White Oil 32#, are highly refined mineral oils that are often used in a variety of industrial applications due to their chemical stability, lack of odor and color, and excellent lubricating properties. They are typically produced through severe hydrocracking processes, resulting in oils with a high degree of purity and consistency.

When it comes to TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) wire and cable, industrial white oils like White Oil 32# can be used in the production process to enhance the flexibility, durability, and performance of the finished product. Here's how:

1. **Plasticizer**: White oils are used as plasticizers in the production of thermoplastic materials like TPR. They help enhance the flexibility, reduce the hardness, and improve the processing performance of the TPR material.


2. **Lubricant**: During the wire and cable extrusion process, white oil can serve as a lubricant, reducing friction between the wire/cable and the machinery, resulting in smoother production runs and less wear on the machinery.


3. **Carrier Oil**: White oil can act as a carrier for other ingredients in the TPR formulation, helping to ensure a uniform distribution of components throughout the material.

4. **Protective Agent**: White oils provide a smooth and glossy finish to the wire and cable, which can help protect the product from environmental elements like moisture or dust, increasing its lifespan.

It's important to ensure the white oil used meets industry safety and quality standards. For example, it should be food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade if it's used in applications that may come into contact with food or medical equipment. This ensures that the oil doesn't contain impurities that could be harmful.

As always, the specific use and formulation of TPR for wire and cable will largely depend on the end application. It's always recommended to work closely with a knowledgeable materials scientist or engineer when selecting materials for specific applications.


Certificate Of Analysis


Product Name: Industrial White Oil (II) NO.32

Executive standard: NB/SH/T 0006-2017


Analysis Items

Quality Index

Detection Result

Test Method

Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 ℃ /mm²/s



GB/T 265-1988(2004)

Flash Point-COC /℃



GB/T 3536-2008

Pour Point /℃



GB/T 3535-2006

Colour Saybolt



GB/T 3555-1992(2004)

Copper Corrosion (100 ℃,3h) /Grade



GB/T 5096-2017

Sulfur Content /(Mg/Kg)



SH/T 0689-2000

Aromatics Content(Mass Fraction)/%



NB/SH/T 0966-2017

Moisture(Mass Fraction)/%




Mechanical Impurities(Mass Fraction)/%




Water Soluble Acid Or Alkali



GB/T 259-1988

Appearance (20℃)

Colorless / Odorless / No fluorescence / Transparent liquid

Colorless / Odorless / No fluorescence / Transparent liquid


Density(20℃), kg/m³



GB/T 1884-2000

GB/T 1885-1998

Q1: What is the role of white oil in rubber applications?

A1: White oil plays a vital role in rubber applications as a processing aid and plasticizer. It helps improve the processability of rubber compounds, facilitating mixing, dispersion, and extrusion. Additionally, white oil enhances the flexibility, elongation, and overall physical properties of rubber products.

Q2: How does white oil contribute to the performance of rubber products?

A2: White oil acts as a softening agent and plasticizer in rubber formulations. It helps reduce the hardness of rubber compounds, improving their flexibility, resilience, and elongation. White oil also enhances the tear strength and aging resistance of rubber products, contributing to their overall performance and durability.

Q3: What are the specific rubber applications where white oil is commonly used?

A3: White oil finds application in various rubber products, including tires, automotive seals, gaskets, conveyor belts, rubber hoses, and molded rubber goods. It is used in both natural rubber and synthetic rubber formulations to enhance processability, improve physical properties, and meet specific performance requirements in different rubber applications.

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