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VF Potato Tots

VF Potato Tots
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FOB Price: Negotiable 
Product Type: Vacuum Fried 
Port: Tianjin 
Minimum Order Quantity:  
Supply Ability:
Place Of Origin: China,Beijing
Delivery Time: 30 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2015-11-09
Views: 501
about us

Product Details

Product introduction

Fruit and vegetable chips series is the newest high quality snack foods in the world, selected from the domestic security of fresh vegetables, using the world's leading low temperature oil bath vacuum dehydration process, keep the original color, shape and taste of vegetables, high in nutrition and low in fat, low in calories. Product easy to carry, fashion casual, Open bags of instant and eat vegetables as snacks. Meet the modern people's pursuit of natural green and healthy food, fruit and vegetable chips will be the future instead of puffed food and high temperature frying foods a novel food.


100% natural , no deep frying, no puffing, no additives, no preservatives. Up to 95% nutrients preserved, low fat, low calorie, high nutrient, high fiber. Retain the original color, shape and taste of vegetables(fruits) in a good appearance.

High nutrition, low fat: 100% made of fresh vegetables, using advanced VF vacuum low temperature dehydration technology, different from the traditional food and drying foods. Vacuum dewatering technology at low temperature, oil temperature control at 90-100 degrees centigrade, even lower than the home cooking oil temperature, retain nutrients better.

Non-expanded, not greasy green snack: not greasy is our unique technology, only the VF (vacuum and low temperature dehydration) technology can do it, Other brands of traditional fruit and vegetable chips after high temperature frying shine bright. The oils we use are natural plant oils.

Nutrition multiple: each of these vegetables are rich in vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. Kids grow, development and growth are can’t depart from it, white collar fast life fast-the perfect choice for nutritional supplements, The old man’s leisure health, strengthen body resistance ideal food.

Product advantages

1、Raw materials

In 2009, Our company invested the exclusive fruit and vegetable chips production base in Beijing. Which in order to ensure supply of fresh vegetable & fruits. From seeding to harvest, all vegetable & fruit will under the agricultural expert guidance. Also all the raw materials need pass the professional testing & strict quality control. To guaranteed each piece is in high quality without any pesticide residues.


·             Retain the original color, shape and taste of vegetables(fruits), nutrient can keep over 95%. Crisp taste, It conform to the life way in fast modern, high nutrition, low fat, natural.

·             Our products using advanced dehydration technologies, pick fresh & good vegetables(fruits) as raw materials, only take off the moisture, but keep cellulose, vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients. For all of nutrients will not to be oxidized. Water content is lower than 2% with a long shelf life, shelf life at room temperature up to 9 months.

·             Highly concentrated: highly concentrated nutrition, 10-20 qualified pounds of fresh vegetables(fruits) can produce 1 kg of VF chips! our products in good taste, and convenient to carry; keep the original flavor of vegetables(fruits), locking the nutrients, supplied vitamin. Non-expanded, no greasy. It's healthy & fashion snacks.


Flesh: Scientific planting, advanced technology, immediate production, instant delivery, ensuring customers receive every chips are fresh with high quality.

Strengths: top storage, advanced equipment and testing equipment, efficient research and development team.

Reliable: health protection, from raw material to product launch are fully enclosed, strict tracking and monitoring, using the international advanced quality control system HACCP.

Export quality: products sold in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, Southeast Asian countries, the real export-quality, it's very popular with Asian snacks.

4、advantages & compared with similar traditional snacks         


Cui cui le chips

Traditional food leisure


Vacuum technology, the oil temperature 100 ℃, better retain nutrients

Traditional open frying, the oil temperature above 160 ℃, easily fissile, can cause cancer


Crisp and delicious, the flavor is unique, to maintain the original flavor

Greasy, bad taste, easy to get angry


Vacuum pumping, the water content below 5%

Traditional pumps, high water content


In addition to maltose. Do not add any spices, not losing their taste and flavor

In order to better taste delicious added flavor, spice powder, artificial flavor

Nutritional value

Rich in fiber, minerals, carbohydrates and protein, supplements needed by the human body.

High heat, high temperatures easily produce carcinogenic substances, harmful to human health.

Color and shape

Keep the original color and shape

Destruction of color and shape

Enterprise  Strength introduction

1、Company profile

Beijing KaiDa Hengye Agriculture Technology CO., LTD. was founded in 2000. With than 10 years of development, then amount of our fixed assets has reached to 2.8 million. Annual gross domestic product has amounted to 2.6 million. Our factory has 480 employees, of which 68 people are technicians. It's a high tech. agriculture enterprise which engaged in planting with agricultural guidance, research and development, produce, process and sell. And our company acquired the "focus of the agriculture industrialization leading enterprises in Beijing", "Beijing high-tech enterprise", "Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise", "the Department of agriculture national agricultural product processing demonstration enterprise", "national agricultural standardization demonstration bases and many other honors."It is the only one to take "Twelve-Five" 863 key projects of private enterprises, export-oriented enterprises in Fangshan district,the only one fruit and vegetable chips production enterprises in Beijing. Companies focus on technology research and development and technology transfer for many years, now has 32 developed countries patents and more than more than 10 cooperation introduction the patent, has developed more than 50 kinds of beans processed products fruit and vegetable chips and more than 60 kinds of products are exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and other countries and regions, well received by customers. With internationally renowned multinational corporation United States Pepsi group, 7-Eleven Corporation, Thailand Greenday ,Japan Fisheries Corporation China synear food company, San Quan foods company and Shanghai family, to achieve long-term strategic partnership of cooperation, the production of flat soup,crisp fruit and vegetable products, won the highly recognized partners.

2、processing production:

The factory of the world's leading automation equipment imported from Germany and the United States, currently has four complete products line, handling 50 tons of raw materials. Packaging workshop is equipped with the most modern domestic industry, packaging a variety of fully automated packaging line, can produce 7 g-500 g bag, back cover sheet, glass, cans and other dimensions and 2-12 kilograms of packaging products.

Machining process does not add artificial coloring, preservatives and other additives, low calorie high fiber products, at a reasonable proportion, let you enjoy snacks to score at the same time grasp the health.

3、quality assurance:

·     Our factory comply to 5S management standard strictly. We are appraised as "demonstration of agricultural standardization production units" by the Beijing Municipal Rural work Committee and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision.

·     Our performed production standard is much higher than the state standard of product standards. Which have be put on records by State Bureau of Technical Supervision.

·     More than ten years ,our products exported to Japan, Europe,the United States and other countries which have the most stringent inspection of food imports in the world. And we have qualification of Export Registration & inspection declaration.  

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