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Nitrogen Filling Vacuum Packing Machine

Nitrogen Filling Vacuum Packing Machine
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Last Update: 2016-12-16
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Product Details
Nitrogen filling vacuum packaging machine is suitable for various plastic bags or aluminum foil bags to pack food, medicinal materials, chemical products, etc. It can finish the whole programs of vacuum extraction, sealing, printing, cooling and exhausting automatically. The products after packing are easier to be prevented from oxidation or getting damp, thus can be kept fresh for longer time.

Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine Main Structure

The vacuum nitrogen filled packaging machine includes the following main parts: two chambers, control panel and sealing cover board.

Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine Features

Equipped with automatic coding system according to customers’ requirements
Special design with two chambers helps improve working efficiency.
Computer control panel makes the whole operation automatically.
Stainless steel structure insures beautiful appearance and antisepticise under serious cauterization circumstance
Heavy moving wheel with high bearing capability, making customers moving the equipment easily.
Easy operation, good sealing quality, high efficiency, labor and time saving.

fruits packed by vacuum food packing machine

Vacuum Packing Machine Application
This vacuum nitrogen filled packaging machine is applicable for various products packaging of middle and large factories.
Applicable for all kinds of food, like meat, fruits and vegetables, puffing food, fried food, native products, aquatic products, etc.
Applicable for pharmaceuticals, chemical materials, chemical products, solid powder substances as well as pasty objects.

meat packed by vacuum packing machine

Nitrogen Filling Vacuum Packing Machine Working Principle
1. Vacuum Packing Method
Switch on the power, put the materials being prepared for packing in a plastic bag or aluminum foil bag well. Setting the sealing temperature and time according to the material of vacuum bags. Then put the well-prepared bags with materials in the chamber, meanwhile the pocket mouth neatly placed on the heat seal. And cover the lid we can see the extraction vacuum indicator emit lights which indicates the vacuum process beginning. When the certain vacuum degree reached, it turns into the sealing and printing process. After all these steps, we can get well-packed products.
2. Nitrogen Filling Vacuum Packing
The clients need to purchase a nitrogen cylinder by themselves if they choose this packing method. There is a pipe on the packing machine which is used to connect with the nitrogen cylinder. The packing operation procedures are the same with the above vacuum packing method after connect the nitrogen cylinder with our equipment.
Vacuum Food Packing Machine Technical Data 

Model Power Capacity Seal dimensions Vacuum Chamber Dimensions Weight Overall Dimension
AZSDZ-400-2s 1kw/380v/220v 60-160times/h 40010/2mm 500460110mm 180kg 1050650855mm
AZSDZ-500-2s 2kw/380v/220v 90-360times/h 50010/2mm 620540125mm 230kg 1220680900mm
AZSDZ-600-2s 2.2kw/380v 90-360times/h 60010/2mm 720600140mm 320kg 1425x720950mm
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