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PULLULAN, from 1st and largest manufacturer of China

PULLULAN, from 1st and largest manufacturer of China
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FOB Price: 1.00 USD/KG  
Product Type: Texture enhancer, film former 
Port: Beijing 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 KG 
Supply Ability: 200 KG
Place Of Origin: Shandong China
Delivery Time: 3 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2017-10-28
Views: 12
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Product Details
 Pullulan-An Excellent Texture Enhance and Film-former
I. Introduction
Pullulan is a natural water-soluble polysaccharide produced from starch by fermentation. As a linear and neutral glucan, it is mainly formed by maltotriose units linked by α-1, 6-glucosidic bonds. Pullulan is an extremely versatile ingredient that provides a technological platform for innovation. It is an excellent film-former, the film produced by which, is heat sealable and a very good  oxygen barrier. Also pullulan can be used as a thickening or extending agent, or adhesive or encapsulating agent, in food and pharm industry.

II. Properties
Pullulan is non-toxic, non-mutagenic, odorless, tasteless, and edible. Pullulan powders are white and non-hygroscopic and can be dissolved easily in water. Pullulan solution is of relatively low viscosity which remains stable when environment changes in temperature or pH, or when the solution includes metal irons or sodium chloride.
III. Application

Pullulan can be used as an innovative or decorative film for:
* Tabletting: Pullulan is an excellent tableting excipient.
* Pan coating: Pullulan with its excellent adhesive property and extremely low viscosity is an ideal material for pan-coating chewing gum, chocolate and candies.
* Agglomeration: Pullulan has two times of the adhesive strength of food starch. Adding its odorless property, pullulan becomes an excellent material for agglomeration.
* Saues and dressings: Thanks to its adhesive property, the granular pullulan improves the adhesive capability of food products on their surface while not increasing the viscosity of the products themselves.
* Innovative soft candy: mix 2~3% of pullulan into soft chewy candies, then the candies can be made by cold extrusion instead of conventional boiling. This enables heart sensitive materials to be used in these products.
*Coating: Pullulan solution, which is odorless, can be used as a coating for a wide range of foods to improve appearance, reduce blemishese and increase shelf-life.
* Capsules: Pullulan can be used on manufacture of pharm and nutraceutical products. Its non-animal origin gets rid of the safety concern from the consumers.
IV. Specification
Solubility-------------------------soluble in water, practically insoluble in ethanol;
pH---------------------------------5.0~7.0 (10% solution);
Loss on drying------------Not more than 6% (90ºC, pressure not more than 50mm Hg, 6h)
Mono-, di- and oligosaccharides ----------------Not more than 10% (glucose);
Viscosity---------------------------------------------100~180mm2 (10% w/w aqueous solution at 30ºC);
Lead--------------------------------------------------Not more than 1mg/kg;
Microbiological criteria-------------------------Yeasts and molds: not more than 100CFU/g;
                                       Coliforms Negative in 25g;
                                       Salmonella Negative in 25g
V. Packing and storage
* 500g bottle, 10kg carton, 20kg/25kg drum
* store in a cool (lower than 20ºC) with no direct sun light. 
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