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Steamed stuffed bun machine

Steamed stuffed bun machine
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FOB Price: 1.00 USD/台  
Product Type: XZ-86 
Port: 20-150克/个 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 台 
Supply Ability: 100 台
Place Of Origin: China
Delivery Time: 15 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2017-12-18
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Product Details
 Steamed stuffed bun machine

Product Name: XZ-86 full automatic bun machine
Detailed description:
Product parameters:
Model: XZ-86 full automatic bun machine
Power supply (V):220V/380V
Power: 2.4Kw
Specifications: 20-150 g / A
Output: 0-3600 / h
Machine weight: 350kg
Shape size (mm):1600*720*1600mm (including conveyor belt)
Product introduction:
XZ-86 Xuzhong automatic stuffing machine has small volume and light weight, housing and food contact parts are made of stainless steel, beautiful appearance and durable; the three frequency stepless speed regulation, stable production performance. The design is advanced, the structure is simple, and the operation is convenient. The unique three features:
1, this bag machine adopts double frequency control, the size of surface and filling is adjustable and easy to use. The product is formed once, and the product has a uniform shape, smooth surface and neat pattern, which is far more beautiful than the handmade bag.
2, coming out of the system: using single mixer, large screw diameter [North machine because of limited processing means, generally stir long is very small, it needs speed to be discharged very quickly] semi horizontal way. In the same weight and small dough extrusion auger greatly reduced compared to the case of the stirring speed, let the dough discharge pressure is small, to knead effect, not to hurt the gluten, good taste! And with the Deputy auger to ensure uniform.
3, out of the filling system: vertical hopper, vertical stuffing with eccentric stuffing pump synchronously squeezing filling method. The structure is simple and airtight. The stuffing is uniform and smooth, suitable for the majority of food package, meat dumplings, soup dumplings, Baozi Stuffed with Creamy Custard, lotus bean bag filling. The filling pipe is semi horizontal inclined assembly, which prevents the stuffing of the vertical dumpling stuffing machine on the market and the stuffing of the stuffing bunting is easy to fall off, resulting in the phenomenon that the stuffing of stuffed buns is uneven or empty.
4, bun forming system: the introduction of advanced Japanese technology, is the first in China. The forming disc is moved up and down vertically and up and down with the knife block to completely prevent the former bun machine from making big bun forming plugging surface. 9 pieces of imported polymer material knife block full use of mechanical principle of balance stress to reduce friction, solve the other bun molding machine knife block by means of a main push other 8 knife movement is easy to wear, the knife clamping surface sticky surface, vulnerable to climate change and expansion and contraction of the normal production of the problem can not be. The production stability greatly prolongs the service life of the forming cutter block.
5, product diversification, can produce all kinds of meat, meat, food package, food package package dumplings, Tang Bao, crystal bag, round Steamed Buns, Baozi Stuffed with Creamy Custard, Baozi Stuffed with Red Bean Paste, Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork, pumpkin pie and other dozens of wrapping products.
6, the work efficiency is equivalent to the artificial Handmade 8-12 people at the same time, it is difficult to hire, high salaries, personnel is not stable period, ideal and efficient equipment.
7. The automatic bun machine is suitable for hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, enterprise canteens, steamed bun, bun processing plant, breakfast engineering shop and fast frozen food factory.
8, provide free door-to-door technical training guidance, installation, debugging, para process imparting.
You may also need the following equipment:
Can you need to configure some other devices, such as mixing machine, mixer, pressure machine, meat grinder, cutting machine, dicing machine, cutting machine, filling machine, food stuffing machine, proofing boxes etc..
Steamed stuffed bun machine
Since its establishment, Guangzhou Xuzhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has always followed the world's advanced level, constantly innovating and pursuing perfection. Under the support and care of the new and old customers, my products sell well in the national market. Products have been widely used in frozen conditioning food processing, agricultural and sideline products processing, livestock products processing, fishery products processing, food delivery systems and other industries, and won the praise and trust of users.
Complete products:
I specializes in the design, production of food processing machinery, all kinds of production lines and other accessories.
Over the years, we have been working on development and development for a long time, constantly improving and innovating the products of the enterprise. Existing products include: bun machine, lotus leaf folder, taro cake machine, machine, machine, machine, Steamed Buns Steamed Buns steamed dumpling machine, cake machine, cake machine, Glutinous Rice Balls machine, almond cake machine, noodle machine, Rice noodles machine, mixing machine, mixer, proofing boxes, oven, steam cabinet, tofu, machine Soybean Milk machine, grinding machine, seedling machine, Rice-meat dumplings machine, meat grinder, hair removal machine, meat planing machine, fish flesh machine, mixing machine, enema machine, carving machine, cutting machine, according to the minced chicken bone, chopping machine, stuffing machine, vacuum frying machine, sandwich pot, oil press blanching machine, vegetable washing machine, cutting machine, dishwasher, juicer, cold drink machine, ice cream machine, refrigerator all kinds of packaging machine series equipment. It is a complete package machine manufacturer for food machinery in China.
Xuzhong family is looking forward to talking to the new and old customers to call for a call
Address: 9 Longgang Road, Taihe Zhenlong, Guangzhou Baiyun District, No. 9 (Xuzhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.)
Steamed stuffed bun machine
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