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Crisp cake machine

Crisp cake machine
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FOB Price: 1.00 USD/台  
Product Type: XZ-15C 
Port: 10-150克/个 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 台 
Supply Ability: 100 台
Place Of Origin: China
Delivery Time: 15 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2018-10-15
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Product Details
 Crisp cake machine

1. The characteristics of the machine are:
1. 15C is a handmade flour product model of our company. It covers a small area and has a light weight. It absorbs the traditional handmade technology of our country, that is, the way of rolling flour and rolling dough with rolling stick, and guarantees the gluten quality and comprehensively considers the taste of flour food.
2. The structure is simple, compact, easy to clean and easy to break down.
3. The whole machine runs stably and the noise is low when running at high speed.
4, the operation is safe and simple, and the surface is from one to two and three.
5, the production speed is fast, the efficiency is high, each link is supplemented by the precise electrical control equipment control.
6, the production process is smooth, there will be no blocking up, broken and so on.
7, food accessories are in line with food safety requirements.
8. The strip of the product is pressed into the blank by one pressing surface, two pressing surfaces strike the surface, three pressing surfaces flatten and then press, step by step to improve the strength and density, improve the taste.
9. The main control system of this machine is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC, and the point control part is controlled by imported photoelectric sensors with high degree of automation.
Two, function description
1. The skin passes through the first pressing surface, rectifies and presses out the suitable thickness of the skin, and then passes through two passes (consisting of nine imitation hand rolling wheels) to roll the skin by imitation hand, then enters three adjustable thicknesses to press the skin to the required specifications. This operation process does not require manual noodles, safe and reliable, and make the dough more glossy and tough, more stable quality.
2, production speed, product size, skin filling ratio and weight can be adjusted at any time.
3. The equipment adopts imported high-quality PLC microcomputer control, humanized operation panel, one-button speed regulation, preservation formula and other functions.
Three. Application and scope of application:
Steamed buns: French bread, butter red bean bread, meat bun, vegetable bun, bean sandbag, longevity peach, knife-cut steamed bread, etc.
Cakes: cakes, wife cakes, mung bean cakes, etc.
Four. Main parameters:
Model: 15C three roll flour biscuit machine
Voltage: 220V/380V
Power: 3KW
Specifications: 10-150 g / A
Output: 0~5000 / hour
Host weight: 690kg
Host size: 3300725X1520mm (including conveyor belt)
Crisp cake machine
Since its inception, Guangzhou Xuzhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has been following the world's advanced level, constantly innovating and pursuing perfection. With the support and care of new and old customers, my products sell well in the national market. Products have been widely used in frozen food processing, agricultural and sideline products processing, animal husbandry products processing, fishery products processing, food delivery system and other industries, and won the praise and trust of the majority of users.
Complete products:
I specializes in the design, production of food processing machinery, various production lines and other accessories.
Over the years, we have been committed to research and development for a long time, and constantly improve and innovate our products. The existing products include: steamed bun machine, lotus leaf clip machine, taro circle machine, steamed bun machine, steamed bun machine, steamed bun machine, steamed bun machine, crisp cake machine, dumpling machine, moon cake machine, soup circle machine, almond cake machine, River flour machine, rice flour machine, flour mixer, mixer, stirrer, wake-up box, oven, steamer, tofu machine, soybean milk machine, pulping machine, sprout machine, meatball machine. Machines, meat grinders, depilators, meat planers, fish meat pickers, beaters, sausages, meat cutters, diced chicken cutters, bone cutters, choppers, stuffing mixers, vacuum fryers, sandwich pans, oil extractors, blanching machines, vegetable cleaners, vegetable cutters, dishwashers, juicers, cold drinkers, ice cream machines, freezers, etc. Packaging machines and other equipment. Is a domestic food machinery complete steamed bun machine manufacturers.
Xu Zhong family expects new and old customers to call.
Address: Guangzhou Baiyun District Taihe Zhenlong GUI Longgang Road No. 9 (Xu Zhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.)
Crisp cake machine
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