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Tangyuan machine

Tangyuan machine
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FOB Price: 1.00 USD/台  
Product Type: VFD-4000 
Port: 20-50mm 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 台 
Supply Ability: 100 台
Place Of Origin: China
Delivery Time: 15 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2018-06-05
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Product Details
 Tangyuan machine

Guangzhou Xuzhong national sales hotline:
Dani: 13660155273; 020-23306372; Penguin: 2880181293
Product Name: automatic forming and plating machine for Tangyuan
Detailed description:
Product introduction:
Model: VFD-4000
Power supply (V):220/380V
Power: 2.2KW
Specifications: 8-120 g / A
Output: 0-4000 / h
Machine weight: 280kg
Shape size (mm):1340*1120*1520mm
The Xuzhong brand automatic soup dumpling and platoon combination machine is an ideal equipment for making dumplings, which conforms to the regulations and requirements of food machinery and food hygiene. Its successful shape provides reliable equipment for the mechanized mass production of traditional food dumplings. The machine is widely used. It can make various kinds of stuffed food, such as Tangyuan, bean sand bag, pumpkin cake and so on. It is an ideal pasta machine for hotels, restaurants, enterprises, schools, troops and other public canteens.
Performance and characteristics:
1, the machine adopts three frequency control twisted dragon extrusion fabric, filling, cutting and cutting, automatic rolling round plate forming technology, combined with the technical requirements of face point, making the product appearance beautiful, uniform size, bright and delicate surface, smooth mouth, good elasticity and toughness.
2. The surface feeding and filling filling are all made of double twisted cage structure, which can regulate the surface, filling volume and the weight of tangyuan.
3, as long as the dough and fillings are placed into the feed port, the machine can be automatically rubbed round and molded, and the products are not easy to deform.
4, according to the different kinds of outer skin and stuffing, we can make dumplings, sesame balls, bean sand bags, pumpkin pie, stuffed steamed bread, jade rabbit bag and other stuffed food. According to the different geographical distribution, the stuffing can produce various local flavour snacks and various kinds of snacks. Such as: Northeast China's bean paste bag, the Youth League of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Southeast China's sweet potato pill, sweet potato ball, southwest Ye Erba and so on.
5. The main parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, with beautiful appearance and food hygiene standards. The structure is reasonable, the molding, filling, inlet and control panels are driven by an independent motor, which is not easy to cause continuous failures, and is convenient for maintenance, disassembly and assembly and cleaning. High degree of automation, quantitative accuracy, 5-10 minutes can operate freely, inexperienced person or two people can operate machine. This machine does not require high flour quality and is suitable for all kinds of workplaces.
6, high efficiency, equivalent to 8 to 12 workers at the same time handmade dumplings, low input, high efficiency, save money and labor.
Tangyuan machine
Since its establishment, Guangzhou Xuzhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has always followed the world's advanced level, constantly innovating and pursuing perfection. With the support and care of new and old customers, my products sell well in the national market. Products have been widely used in frozen and conditioning food processing, agricultural and sideline products processing, animal products processing, fishing products processing, food delivery systems and other industries, and won the praise and trust of the vast number of users.
Complete products:
I specializes in the design, production of food processing machinery, various production lines and other accessories.
Over the years, we have been committed to research and development for a long time, and constantly improve and innovate our products. The existing products include: bun machine, lotus leaf clip machine, cake machine, steamed bread machine, steamed bread machine, steamed bread machine, cake machine, dumpling machine, moon cake machine, dumpling machine, apricot cake machine, river flour machine, rice flour machine, noodle machine, mixer, wake box, oven, steamed cabinet, bean curd machine, soymilk machine, pulper machine, bud seedling machine, meatball. Machine, winch, hair removal machine, meat shaving machine, fish meat miner, beating machine, enema machine, meat cutting machine, chicken cutting machine, according to bone machine, chopper, mixing machine, vacuum fryer, sandwich pan, oil press, blanching machine, vegetable cleaning machine, chopper, dishwasher, juicer, ice cream machine and refrigerator. Packaging machines and other series of equipment. It is a complete package machine manufacturer for food machinery in China.
Xuzhong family is looking forward to talking to the new and old customers to call for a call
Address: No. 9, Longgang Road, Taihe Zhenlong, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (Xuzhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd.)
Tangyuan machine
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