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modified corn starch food grade and industrial grade factory

modified corn starch food grade and industrial grade factory
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FOB Price: 400.00 USD/Metric Ton  
Product Type: FY-MS 
Port: Qingdao 
Minimum Order Quantity: 0.01 Metric Ton 
Supply Ability: 100000 Metric Ton
Place Of Origin: China
Delivery Time: 3 days
Expiry Date: long-term effectiveness
Last Update: 2018-11-23
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Product Details

Introduction of Modified Starch

---Production capacity: 100,000 tons/year

Product Profile

Product Name: Modified corn starch

Other Names: Modified maize starch, Corn modified starch

Appearance: White powder

CAS   No.: 9049-76-7

Product classification and application

Oxidized starch: Papermaking sizing agent, coating adhesive, corrugated paper adhesive, carton and paper bag adhesive, replac Arabic gum to produce candy, bleaching and dying sizing agent, etc.

Cationic starch: Papermaking sizing agent, fortifier, retention agent, coating adhesive, warp dressing agent, sewage purification additive, tape paper production additive, etc.

Acetate starch: Textile sizing agent, food thickeners, food emulsifier, etc.

Phosphate ester starch: Papermaking sizing agent, corrugated paper adhesive, carton adhesive, paper bags adhesive, polyester fiber warp sizing agent, boiler anti-scale agent, etc/

Acid modified starch: Auxiliary and excipient of gel candy, warp dressing agent, etc.

Phosphate ester distarchAcetyl distarch adipic acid ester starch, Acetyl distarch phosphate ester starch, Hydroxypropyl starch, etc.

Applications, Functions, Advantages

1.   Food industry

l Rice and flour products

Mainly use modified starch’s good thickening property, film-forming property, stability, gelatinization property

1)     Modified starch makes fried instant noodles have crispy structure and lower oil absorption. Product quality and storage stability is good

2)     Used in instant noodles to improve reconstituability, chewiness and elasticity, reduce cooking time.

3)     Used in flour pastry to reduce oil absorption, improve crispness, extend storage time

4)     As texturizer and adhesive of rice noodles, it could enhance product transparency and smoothness, reduce stickiness, improve mouthfeel

l Milk products

Mainly used as gelatinizer, stabilizer, thickener

1)     As gelatinizer of milk products, it makes products have good gelling property, reduce the dosage of casein acid salt, reduce products cost

2)     As quality improver of frozen dessert products, which gives products stickiness, cream feeling and short silky tissue, enhance products’ storage stability

3)     As gelatinizer of high temperature sterilized pudding products, which enhance products’ viscosity, improve and enhance products’ stability and mouthfeel

4)     As stabilizer and thickener of yoghourt, which enhances products’ consistence and mouthfeel

l Meat and fish products

Mainly used as water retaining agent, adhesive, excipient\

1)     As adhesive and excipient of sausage, which can improve products’ Juiciness

2)     As water retaining agent of pastry filling, which can firm tissue and improve products freeze-thaw stability

3)     As gelatinizer of meat balls and fish balls, which makes products have good elasticity, chewiness and stability

4)     As water retaining agent and stabilizer of surimi, which reduces the loss of juice from the surimi

5)     As water retaining agent and excipient of ham and hot dog, which reduces products buckling, improve products freeze-thaw stability and water retention

l Bakery foods

Mainly used modified starch’s film-forming property, high temperature expansion and stability

1)     Used as replacement of yak butter in production of cake and icing, provides good capacity and structure, lowers people’s fat intake

2)     Used as glaze light agent in bakery foods, which can form good, clear and bright film, replac expensive protein and natural gum

3)     Used as stabilizer and thickener in fruit pie, pie, filling, which makes products smooth, have short filament structure, prevents layering and filling explosion

l Beverages

Mainly uses modified starch’s stability, adsorbability, emulsibility

1)     Used as stabilizer in drinks, which improves mouthfeel and form, covers aningeresting taste

2)     Used as stabilizer of emulsion flavor in emulsion drinks, replac part of expensive Arabic gum

3)     Used as embedding medium of microencapsulated products

l Candy

Mainly uses modified starch’s good gelling property, film-forming property, viscosity

1)     Used as gelatinizer in hard gel candy and soft gel candy, provides gel structure for products, is able to replac Arabic gum, which makes products have good mouthfeel and transparency

2)     Used as brightener in candy, which can form glossy and transparent film and reduce products’ disruptiveness

l Powder foods

Mainly used modified starch’s good bondability, dispersibility, water solubility

1)     In coating flour, modified starch makes the powder has good adhesive force and cohesion, which can prevent coating flour fall off

2)     When makes crispy foods, modified starch is easily to form crispy and firm outer coating

3)     Provides the needed viscosity for cereal drink and makes the tiny particles in the suspended drinks even and taste good

4)     Improves the viscosity of cook powdered food under low cooking temperature, makes products clear, smooth and have short filaments

5)     Used as sugar powder in dried fruits and nuts products, which reduces the surface stickiness of dried fruits and nuts products

6)     Provides suitable viscosity of instant soup, sauce, juice, etc., makes products thick and smooth

l Frozen foods

Mainly uses modified starch’s good consistence, low temperature stability, enhance the freezing-thawing resistance of foods

1)     Modified starch makes desserts have good consistence and freeze-thaw stability, smooth taste, and have butyrous tissue

2)     Modified starch helps control the structure and viscosity of fruit jam, gives luster to foods, and makes foods be able to bear heat and freeze process

3)     Used as replacement of fat, add modified starch in ice cream, other cold drinks, and desserts, it can replac part of milk solids and expensive stabilizers, reduce calories, make products have good melt resistance and storage stability

4)     Modified starch provides viscosity and stability for cocktail sauce, makes products have good transparence, taste, and great performance in multiple microwave process

5)     Modified starch has good function of thickening and stabilizing, the paste transparency and freeze-thaw stability are good, also can be processed at room temperature. If used in foods’ surface finish, it can give products good property

l Snack foods

Mainly uses modified starch’s good cohesiveness, expansibility, crispiness and its fluffy structure

1)     In extruding puffed foods, modified starch makes products have good puffed degree and structure, improves the strengthen and crispiness of products, makes products have uniform tissue and high production ratio, enhances products’ functional fiber composition at the same time.

2)     In microwave puffed foods, modified starch controls the volume and structure of products, makes products have uniform hole

3)     In crispy peanuts, modified starch can improve crispy tissue, gives crispy tissue the structure of light, crisp, fluffy

2.    Papermaking industry

1)     Enhance paper’s various physical strengths, quality and level, reduce the proportion of wood pulp

2)     Increase retention of fine fibers and packing, paper’s ash, whiteness, opacity. Save energy, reduce wet end breakage and waste pollution

3)     Improve sizing effect, save the dosage of sizing agent

4)     Improve printability, make it nor easy to break, shed fiber, shed powder and fuzz during printing, enhance the adsorption force of ink, make the colors vivid and the writing clear, etc.

5)     Can be used to replac some surface sizing agents and coating adhesive, such as expensive synthetic resin and casein, which can reduce the production cost of coated paper

6)     Used as adhesive of paper products, like the adhesive of carton and paper tube. Its advantages are strong cohesive force, low cost, mild pollution to the environment, etc.

Cationic starch has strong adsorption force to fiber and filler in paper pulp. It is widely used as fortifier, retention agent, filter aid, etc. in papermaking industry.

1)     Improve paper’s physical properties, such as breaking resistance, tension resistance, folding resistance, fiber shed resistance

2)     Improve the sizing effect of rosin and bauxite

3)     Improve paper pulp’s drainability and papermaking speed

4)     Improve retention rate of dyes and fillers, such as clay, titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, reduce the cost of papermaking

5)     Used as fixative and emulsifier of latex, synthetic resin, alkyl vinyl ketone dimer, dispersant for neutral sizing agent

6)     Reduce the level of waste water pollution, beneficial to eliminate public hazards

Oxidized starch is mainly used as coating adhesive and surface sizing agent in papermaking.

1)     The color of oxidized starch is white

2)     Paste liquid has some characters, such as good stability, low viscosity,weak retrogradation, strong adhesion, good film forming property, etc.

Phosphate ester starch is mainly used as retention agent, fortifier, filter aid, etc.

1)     Also can be used as coating adhesive and interlayer fortifier

2)     Suitable for acidic papermaking

3)     Used as adhesive of paper bags, corrugated paper and other paper products

4)     Improve the storage stability and usability of paper products

3.    Textile industry

Acid modified starch’s paste liquid has low viscosity and good liquidity, suitable for making high concentration paste liquid with low viscosity. Its paste liquid becomes gel at low temperature, and easy to form a uniform film

1)     Can be used as main pulp material for producing cotton yarn, viscose yarn, ramie yarn

2)     Used together with polyacrylate to produce mixture pulp, which can be the main pulp for producing blended yarn of polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, polyester/hemp, etc.

Oxidized starch’s paste liquid has good liquidity, especially at low temperature, basically no gel appearing, low viscosity and good stability, can be used in high concentration. Its compatibility to fiber is higher than native starch.

1)     Its adhesive force to cotton yarn and blended yarn (polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, etc.) is higher than native starch

2)     The pulp film is uniform and clear, which is less likely to shrink and burst. The film is easier to dissolve in water, which makes desize easy

3)     Oxidized starch can be main pulp material for medium and fine cotton yarn, linen yarn. The physical mechanical properties and manufacturability of its slashing is better than native starch

4)     Oxidized starch has good compatibility with synthetic pulp material, such as PVA, polyacrylate, the mixture pulp can be used to starching for Polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose, polyester/wool, and other blended yarn

Phosphate ester starch can disperse easily in cold water to be stable dispersion liquid, which has high viscosity and no gel appearing

1)     Easy to destarch

2)     Used as pulp material for cotton yarn, Polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose and other blended yarn

4.    Petroleum industry

Hydroxypropyl starch mainly used as filtration reducing agent

1)     Makes drilling fluid more stable, maintenance cycle long and less dosage

2)     The treated drilling fluid, mud cake is tough, lubrication, coefficient of friction resistance is small. The minimum water loss value can be obtained with increasing dosage

3)     Used in methyl anti-sloughing drilling fluid, has good effect of water-loss reducing and anti-salt

Phosphate ester starch and oxidized starch can be used as disperse agent in drilling fluid

5.    Fine chemical industry

1)     Cosmetics: oxidized starch is good thickener for adjust cosmetics’ viscosity

Applications: cleanser, cream, bath foam, body lotion, toner, lipstick, eyeshadow, facial mask, foundation make-up, hair dye, hair spray, shave cream, baby talcum powder, etc.

2)     Daily chemical product

Applications: laundry detergent liquid and powder, carpet detergent, tooth paste, tooth whitening products, hand lotion, glass cleaner, etc.

3)     Stationery

Applications: ink, printing ink, carton adhesive, sealing rubber, etc.

4)     Paint and building materials

Applications: inwall smooth latex paint, fire retardant and water resistant paint, outer wall paint, insect repellent paint, anti-rust paint, varnish, plasticine, etc.

5)     metal surface treatment agent

Applications: oil cleaner, anti-rust film, paint remover, etc.

6)     Plastic, rubber, leather auxiliaries

Applications: Paper plastic sheet, leather stain

7)     Others

Water treatment agent: corrosion inhibitor for beer bottle washing machine, wastewater treatment agent of papermaking, drilling mud, etc.

Fire extinguishing agent, firework: foamite, matchstick, multicolored fireworks, etc.

Air freshener: solid air freshener, powder carpet fragrance

6.    Agriculture industry

1)     Biodegradable mulch film or thin film

2)     Used as soil stabilizer and conditioning agent, prevent erosion by wind and water, enhance soil’s water retention capacity

7.    Industrial wastewater treatment

1)     Flocculate organic or inorganic particles from suspension liquid, such as Clay, titanium dioxide, coal, carbon, iron ore, mud, anionic starch, fine fiber, heavy metal pigments, etc.

2)     Used as flocculant of mud, fish-processing factory wastewater, slaughter house wastewater, fermentation factory wastewater, fruit and vegetable soaking water, paper pulp wastewater, etc.

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