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Biscuit Baking Belts

Biscuit Baking Belts
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Last Update: 2024-05-31
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Product Details
 Hebei Qijie Wire Mesh MFG Co., Ltd. is renowned for its Biscuit Baking Belts. Tailored for the bakery industry, these belts are perfect for directly baking biscuits in straight-feed-through ovens. They boast a lightweight, stratified metal spiral design with reduced thickness for low heat inertia and high strength. The belts ensure effective air circulation and feature a wire superposition and open mesh with looped edges. Constructed from specially chosen carbon steel for uniform baking, they function optimally at temperatures between +200ºC and +275ºC, with a stainless steel version also available.
Biscuit Baking Belts

The Rolled Baking Band, also known as the Biscuit Baking Belt or Z Belt, is essential in the bakery industry for biscuit baking. Its flat, even surface effectively transports various dough types, ensuring uniform heat distribution. Ideal for temperatures from +200ºC to +275ºC, it’s made from carbon steel, with a stainless steel option available. However, it’s less suitable for high-fat soft doughs. Additionally, the Baking Band or “Z Belts,” made from materials like carbon steel and brass, offers a durable solution for different baking needs, with specific designs like the Balanced Weave Belt for biscuits and the Compound Weave Belt for finer products. The Flat Roller Baking Belt, thinner than typical belts, is designed for cookie baking plants.

biscuit baking belts
A: Spiral pitch (mm) B: Belt pitch (mm) C: Wire diameter (mm)


Our Biscuit Baking Belts are made from high-quality carbon steel and stainless steel, offering various wire gauges for different baking requirements.

  • High-Quality Carbon Steel: Primarily used in these belts, carbon steel provides excellent strength and durability. It’s particularly suitable for baking processes with temperatures ranging from +200ºC to +275ºC.
  • Stainless Steel Option: On request, belts can be made of stainless steel, which offers additional benefits such as corrosion resistance, making it ideal for certain baking environments.
  • Wire Gauges: The belts come in various wire gauges, including 16 gauge (1.5 mm), 17 gauge (1.38 mm), 18 gauge (1.2 mm), and 20 gauge (0.9 mm), allowing for customization based on specific baking needs.

These materials ensure the Biscuit Baking Belts from Hebei Qijie Wire Mesh MFG Co., Ltd. are robust, efficient, and adaptable to a range of baking applications.

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